Quick Thoughts: RNG v. G2 2018 Worlds Quarterfinals

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In this article, I will analyse RNG vs G2 at Worlds 2018. Image credit to Riot Games.

Royal Never Give Up have been gifted with one of the best Quarterfinal matchups that they could have gotten in 2018 Worlds. Facing G2 they should have an easy time during their match due to their champ pool, playstyle, and dynamic pick ban phase for champ select.Read More »


Worlds 2018 Play in Stage Preview

As Worlds approaches, I preview what we will be seeing,

The 2018 League of Legends World Championships approaches and teams from around the world will be vying to best each other on Summoner’s Rift. First blood of the tournament will be had at the Play-In stage, as teams that did well without ascending to the pinnacle of their regions fight it out for the last four sports in the group stage. Now comes a rare opportunity for regional styles to clash and hypothetical matchups to be tested in the crucible of combat. This year has seen many great teams of old fall as fresh lineups brashly assert their right to hoist the Summoner’s Cup in Incheon, South Korea. Below is an insight into the teams’ current forms and how they stack up heading into the Play-In:

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