Dom’s Top 10 Teams of 2018

Astralis lifted the ESL Pro League S8 trophy this December, and topped it off by simultaneously securing the inaugural Intel Grand Slam. This was one of the many spectacular moments which has built the Astralis Era. See where they place in my top ten, though it is pretty obvious where.

Other people tend to sort their rankings around the flash of big wins, but I will do it differently. It is possible for any team to complete a fluke; Cloud9 at ELEAGUE Major 2018 and mousesports at ESL One New York 2018 stick out to me. Those teams will not find themselves high, or even present, on my rankings. Teams need to prove that they are able to consistently perform against the best, and not embarrass themselves against fellow members of the top 10. Thus, I will be basing my rankings with that at the front of my mind and it will be what differentiates my rankings from the rest.
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