Quick Thoughts: Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming

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The time is here for the Grand Final for 2018 Worlds. 

The time is here for the Grand Final for 2018 Worlds. What an amazing ride so far. So many upsets and close matches from teams that were written off as quarterfinal finishers has created a massive rift in who the best region is and who the top teams are.Read More »


Flash Wolves’ Destiny Decided in Three Moments

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Photo via Riot Games.

In the deciders match for quarterfinals, G2 managed to get not only one but two huge comfort picks: Heimerdinger on Hjarnan and Perkz with Irelia. Though, the Taiwanese team had an ace up their sleeve as well; Betty’s Mordekaiser.  Betty has played Mordekaiser two times this summer ending the split with a massive 22,00 KDA. But his pocket pick did not end up as powerful as this sterling record would suggest. G2 Had their own cards to play.

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