Dom Discusses: How NAF has Reached Star Status

A young, versatile rifler, NAF is set for a successful 2019 with Liquid.

Keith “NAF” Markovic is a Canadian star rifler plying his trade for Team Liquid. He’s a player of sublime skill, and exploring his origins reveals how he clawed his way through the doldrums of the North American Counter-Strike scene to reach where he is today. The player has impressed viewers with exemplary plays and performances, but where did that all come from?
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Coaching in Counter-Strike: An Evolving Art

LMBT of mousesports has built a cohesive lineup inside and outside of Counter-Strike. He is one of the many examples of great coaches, a role becoming more important in Counter-Strike.

While teams had often had a sixth man standing behind them to motivate and encourage players, the concept of coaching was not instantly adopted in Counter-Strike. Their role in traditional sports is support, whether it be in-game or out-of-game, as well as developing tactics. In Counter-Strike, professional coaching took time to take off. In the modern game, their role has become very important. Teams like Liquid, coached by Wilton “zews” Prado, owe a lot of their success to their coaches.

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ECS S6 Finals – Preview

ECS S6 Finals will be competed in Arlington, Texas and could well be Liquid’s time to shine.

The online ECS league has come to its conclusion, so the time is upon us for the LAN finale. Eight teams from Europe and the Americas will compete for a share of $660,000. The previous iteration of ECS was won by the triumphant Astralis in a domineering fashion over Team Liquid. The tournament will be played out between 22nd November and 25th November, with the first two days featuring a GSL group stage format. Opening matches are BO1s but all other matches will be competed over a three-map series. The playoffs, featuring the top two teams from each group, will be a single-elimination BO3 format played in Arlington, Texas. This will precede the final where the winner will take home $250,000 with the trophy.
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