Under the Spotlight – Cloud9

Cloud9 have been suffering, and it’s time for change.

Welcome to Under the Spotlight, a series where I discuss a team and their problems, then proceed to suggest my fixes for said problems. Today, I am going to talk about Cloud9. The Major champions have fallen apart piece by piece, with their future in doubt.
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steel – NA’s Missing Link

Note: This is an opinion-based feature. Apparently a lack of clarity on the last one. Enjoy.

steel is an excellent IGL, and top-tier NA teams are missing out thanks to Valve’s ban.

Joshua “steel” Nissan is a controversial man, as he always has been. Some people claim he’s a good guy for improving players, such as Kenneth “koosta” Suen, who while under steel’s leadership has found lots of consistency. Other people would argue that he’s a scumbag, who doesn’t deserve to be near the CS:GO scene because of the iBuyPower scandal. Personally, I think that steel is a vital part of NA’s ecosystem; their missing link because he’s an excellent leader that has improved every team he has been on, and many teams could use someone like that.
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