Winners and Losers of the LCS Off-Season


Credit: Riot Games

With the LCS roster moves basically finished it’s time to look at the winners and losers of the off-season roster shuffle. Due to the restriction of not knowing how the teams will do I will refrain from ranking them as far as where they will be placing in the spring split until I see how the teams have played a few games.



Roster move: Lost: -Jensen

Add: +Nisqy


Top: Licorice

Jungle: Svenskeren, Blaber

Mid: Nisqy, GoldenGlue

ADC: Sneaky, Keith

Support: Zeyzal

Cloud9 have probably one of the biggest hits to their roster this offseason. The loss of star midlaner Jensen could prove to be a vital moment in C9’s season 9 play. With no clear way to tell how Nisqy will be playing in the roster it is safe to say that C9 lost the offseason for themselves.



Roster moves: Lost: -huhi Reignover

Add: +POE +Wiggily


Top: Darshan

Jungle: Wiggily

Mid: POE

ADC: Stixxay

Support: BioFrost

CLG tried their best this offseason, by picking up POE is a nice bandage to help them try to piece this team together. However, keeping Darshan could be a massive hindrance to CLG as the meta has been pushing more towards solo lane play with bot lane being used for gold and farming until team fights. There’s no clear way to say CLG has improved but if they stay on their current course they basically stayed around the same skill level in their team composition. Not a winner of the offseason but definitely not a loser.  


Clutch Gaming:

Roster moves: Lost: -solo -apollo -hakuho -febiven

Add: +Damonte +huni +Piglet +Vulcan


Top: Huni

Jungle: LirA

Mid: Damonte

ADC: Piglet

Support: Vulcan

Clutch tried to make the best out of a bad situation with their roster. Although they lost Solo and Apollo which are pretty hard losses for the team, they lost Febiven who was a big piece that the team had from last season. Not to mention the addition of Piglet who has been one of the worst players in LCS as of late with a 1.7 KDA in his two LCS games in 2018. CodySun is sitting in CG Academy waiting for the team to implode with Piglet’s mentality. This team is a ticking bomb waiting for the right moment to fall apart.


Golden Guardians:
Roster moves: Lost: -Lourlo -Matt

Add: +froggen +Olleh +Hauntzer


Top: Hauntzer

Jungle: Contractz

Mid: Froggen
ADC: Deftly

Support: Olleh

Although GGS struggled last season they made drastic improvements to this team in areas where it counted. Olleh is a solid pickup for any team in NA not called Cloud9 or 100 Thieves. However, the question marks on their top lane and mid lane are pretty large. For one, we have no metric to base Froggen on how he will play since his untimely departure from Origen. The other question mark lies on Hauntzer, with his poor laning phase and inability to play champions aside from Gangplank, Sion, and Aatrox going into a wacky meta where they could not even be useful meta picks for next season.


Optic Gaming:

Roster moves: Lost: -POE -Akaadian

Add: +Crown +Meteos +Dardoch

Top: Dhokla

Jungle: Meteos, Dardoch

Mid: Crown

ADC: Arrow

Support: BIG

Optic is in full damage control at the moment. With POE off the team and two great jungle options they snatched them up without a second thought. However, these moves can either make them a great team for spring or make them a bottom team. With the addition of Crown it could be an upgrade; however keeping Dhokla on the team could prove to be a detriment to the team as the season progresses. With two junglers playing similar styles and having equal stats with one playing less games than the other, it is a massive gamble to say that Optic will improve from last year. While they are not proper losers for the offseason it isn’t like they made clear upgrades in positions that they signed players for.



100 Thieves:

Roster moves: Lost: -CodySun -Rikara -Ryu

Add: +Huhi +Bang +Ssumday


Top: Ssumday

Jungle: AnDa

Mid: Huhi

ADC Bang

Support: Aphromoo

100T came out swinging this offseason trying to get some of the best players they could find to fill the holes in their team. Bang should be a great fit for Aphromoo in the bot lane making them a dangerous duo, Ssumday is a strong lane phase player who can play tanks and bruisers and Huhi was a great option to fill in the loss of Ryu from their active roster as he moves on to coaching.


Roster moves:Lost: -Huni -Dardoch -Smoothie -Damonte

Add: +Solo +Lourlo +Rush +Fenix +Apollo +Hakuho


Top: Solo, Lourlo

Jungle: Rush

Mid: Fenix

ADC: Apollo, Lost

Support: Hakuho

Echo Fox tried for a facelift to remove themselves from last season. Going for a new approach with an almost new team in order to try and fix their issues from the last roster. Although not a clear set of upgrades the team and history of these players could help Echo Fox improve from last year’s standings.


Roster moves: Lost: -Flame -Keane

Add: +V1per +Pobelter


Top: V1per

Jungle: Santorin

Mid: Pobelter

ADC: WildTurtle

Support: JayJ

Flyquest is another team that made the best of a bad situation. Getting a clear upgrade in the mid lane with one of the top native North American talents. Although the loss of Keane could be bad, getting V1per is a reasonable pickup for a team that is focused on getting mid and bot lane pressure. This will probably improve their standings from last year but not by much their team composition is great but the rest of the teams in the league improved so much, that the notable improvements from Flyquest will go unacknowledged.


Team Liquid:

Roster moves: Lost: -Olleh -Pobelter

Add:+CoreJJ +Jensen


Top: Impact

Jungle: Xmithie

Mid: Jensen

ADC: DoubleLift

Support: CoreJJ

Team Liquid came out and slapped their big ol’ pecker around to get some of the best replacements for their “weaker positions” on their team. Picking up Jensen quite possibly the best mid lane player in NA and CoreJJ after an impressive year in the LCK with Gen.G. These two players may be the ones to lift the DoubleLift curse from this team and allow a further run into the Worlds and MSI tournaments for next split. It is a clear upgrade for mid and support and made them favourites for spring split before it even started.


Team Solomid:
Roster moves: Lost: -Mithy -Hauntzer

Add: +BrokenBlade +Smoothie


Top: BrokenBlade

Jungle: Grig, TheOddOne

Mid: Bjergsen

ADC Sven

Support: Smoothie, Lustboy

TSM made a massive gamble this offseason with the pickup of BrokenBlade, and the breaking up of the Sven and Mithy was a shock in of itself. However, BB’s solo q performance has been turning heads since he donned the TSM banner. Smoothie is a big gamble but could turn out to be a good fit for Sven given enough time. While TSM did not win offseason they made a massive signing with BrokenBlade to try and revitalize that TSM magic that has been absent in recent years.



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