Gen.G Lose Three and the Korean Rumour Mill

Photo Credit: Milton Jung

Gen.G Drop Three

Gen.g has officially announced that they will be dropping CoreJJ, Haru, and Mong yesterday. While roster changes were expected from this team following their Worlds performance getting a single win in group stage to Cloud9. This leaves a hole in Gen.G missing out on their support, jungle and top lane roles. While top is not dire due to keeping their starter CuVee, they are lacking jungle and support players currently.

Rumour Mill for the Rest of Korea

While there are some rumours floating around two big ones are that Peanut and Mata are front runners to fill in roles for Gen.G. Peanut the jungler from KingZone DragonX, and Mata the support from KT Rolster. While not terrible moves there’s no clear way to say this will improve them the future for Gen.G looks shaky.

Additional moves in Korea include the loss of KingZone DragonX as a team creating a free for all on the player from that squad. SKT in talks with multiple players from around Korea such as TheShy, Mata, Peanut and Moojin. While SKT is looking around for all positions aside from mid the majority of the scene has been quiet aside from Gen.G and SKT.

Keep in mind not much is confirmed so the possibilities for the players has been endless until officially announced by the teams.


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