Quick Thoughts: Fnatic vs. Invictus Gaming

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The time is here for the Grand Final for 2018 Worlds. 

The time is here for the Grand Final for 2018 Worlds. What an amazing ride so far. So many upsets and close matches from teams that were written off as quarterfinal finishers has created a massive rift in who the best region is and who the top teams are.

But now we are at the final and the teams are Fnatic and Invictus Gaming: two teams from opposite sides of the world that have very similar playstyles. More importantly a rematch from the group stage from this very Worlds tournament. Both games were won by Fnatic in dominant fashion.

Top lane: theshy/Duke v Bwipo
Looking back at the two matches earlier this tournament Bwipo went up against both duke and theshy. This matchup in the article is based on the semis lineup but both players are relatively close in skill. During the first game, Bwipo kept the shy honest on his Urgot vs. theshy’s Fiora. However, Duke demolished Bwipo in lane but lost out to the overall team of fnatic during mid-late game. All three players are top lane carry mains, share a champ pool that includes Jayce, Viktor, and Aatrox, and have been making big plays during the quarter and semifinals to help secure games for their respective teams. This is a big win condition for both teams. However, using carry top lane champions is a double-edged sword due to the fact that they need to secure good cs and win lane in order to assist their team mid game.

Mid lane: Rookie v Caps
Another huge win condition for both of these teams. While rewatching both games from groups you can see Caps turned into Claps and he dominated rookie. However, rookie has blossomed during the semis and quarters and risen to a new level of play. Expect hypercarry mages like Leblanc and Azir to pop up. Along with these champs, they can play flexes like Aatrox or Jayce in order to gain lane priority for their team. Rookie should have a good understanding of how to play against the EU mid lane at this point, however; in team fights rookie has struggled to get a good engage on Fnatic.

Support: Hyllisang vs. Baolan
The support players in this matchup are really going to take one for the team. Both players have played Braum, Rakan, and Thresh. Watch for tank picks to help ease the pressure off the ADC players during lane, or supports with good engage to start a skirmish or team fight. Not really much to say about how they played in their previous matches against each other

ADC: Jackylove v Rekkles
Two players with similar champ pools this tournament, the only difference being Rekkles’ Sivir and Tristana as opposed to Jackylove’s Lucian and Kai’sa. Both of these players have high impact in their teams’ compositions and should be very entertaining during the laning phase. These players are going to look for solo kills and early first bloods in order to get ahead in the lane to drive the game forward. Pay attention to the jungle pathing by both junglers for this lane they should be taking early ganks around level 3 as they had done during the group stage.

Jungle: Ning v Broxah
The most important win condition for both of these teams are the junglers. With all the lanes being able to get decided by something as small as a pressure gank from the jungler to assist in pushing toward a tower, these two need to be on their best game in order to secure early leads and objectives. Barring any meme picks from Broxah, Fnatic have a better jungler, in terms of getting first blood, Rift Herald and First Baron Broxah achieves this more than Ning based on his champ picks in his role to his team’s composition.


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