Quick Thoughts: RNG v. G2 2018 Worlds Quarterfinals

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In this article, I will analyse RNG vs G2 at Worlds 2018. Image credit to Riot Games.

Royal Never Give Up have been gifted with one of the best Quarterfinal matchups that they could have gotten in 2018 Worlds. Facing G2 they should have an easy time during their match due to their champ pool, playstyle, and dynamic pick ban phase for champ select.

A good gauge to see who has a better chance to win a game is by looking at the champion pool of the teams that are playing. The biggest disparity is between the support players Ming and Wadid. Wadid has played 3 support champions, Tahm Kench, Rakan, and Alistar. Ming on the other hands has shown multiple champions such as Thresh, Alistar, Rakan, and Gragas. Both have additional champions that can be picked throughout the matchup but Ming has a deeper pool of 11 extra champions including Shen, Lulu, and Taric which was shown during the LPL season, MSI and this Worlds. Compared to Wadid’s 8 which include Braum, Janna, and Fiddlesticks which were played during the LCS season.

A big matchup to watch over is Xiaohu’s syndra versus Perkz’s Ryze. Both are comfort picks for the players and will create a solid midlane fight to decide who will win early-mid game for the matchup This is a pure skill matchup in mid and leans over toward RNG to take it depending on how many kills and deaths go into midlane as a whole. Overall RNG’s champion pool is wider aside from jungle which they have two junglers who play specific champions in order to keep their mid lane and bot lane picks safe. Karsa and Mlxg take picks such as Olaf, Nocturne, and Graves to keep laning and mid game safe for their teammates. On all positions, RNG has a bigger champ pool than G2.

The next reason that RNG has an easy match is due to their playstyle. The main thing seen during RNG matches is that they try to take down the mid and bot lanes during the laning and mid game phase in order to keep their team on a faster scaling path. In games such as their win over Cloud9 their bot and mid lane combined for 7 deaths 1 being first blood and the others being follow up kills on the remaining person in lane for bot lane or the kill after the jungler’s counter gank for mid. Meanwhile, G2 plays for good laning phase so that they can enter team fights as early as possible. Having these differing playstyles plays into the favour of RNG because it allows them more freedom of movement late game and team fights when they’re ahead rather than them starting fights behind.

Finally, the dynamic pick ban phase from RNG is a big decider on how they will win their quarterfinal match. By keeping your picks and bans active to the current game it keeps your enemy team guessing on how to respond to the type of composition you’re taking into the match. Compared to G2 who has a few permanent bans and then a few active bans, it allows players to take comfort picks more often than having some stagnant bans and some active ones. Along with RNG’s champ pool it makes them more dangerous against their opponents especially an opponent like G2.

Thank you very much for reading. This post was brought to you in affiliation with PreGameGG, you should use code “PG3DAY” for a free three-day trial. If you like it, use code “ESNESPORTS” for 20% off at checkout. This article was written by Super Dragon and edited by Thomas Swaggerty.


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