Dom Discusses: Why North Should Not Have Replaced MSL

MSL north2.jpg
North have made a mistake by replacing MSL with cadiaN.

After the FACEIT Major 2018, North has decided to replace in-game leader Mathias “MSL” Lauridsen with former Rogue IGL Casper “cadiaN” Moller. Along with this change, Nikolaj “niko” Kristensen’s loan from Heroic expired and he was replaced by Nicklas “gade” Gade, whose loan to OpTic ended. While the gade move was a good one, changing MSL for cadiaN will prove to be a mistake. MSL is largely underrated and he’s stepped up his game recently. Furthermore, cadiaN is not a suitable replacement because he has not done enough to deserve an easy return into the Danish Counter-Strike scene.

MSL recently took over the AWP role for North after Daniel “mertz” Mertz was removed from the team. This is a role that has suited his playstyle and has helped him grow, like Liquid’s Nicholas “nitr0” Cannella. This can be shown through North’s tournament victories. For one, the MVP award and victory at DreamHack Masters Stockholm 2018 was the highlight of his North career. Other victories this year at DreamHack Open Tours and DreamHack Open Valencia have shown the progress North have made under MSL’s guidance.

MSL’s individual performances in 2018 have also improved, especially after he picked up the AWP. He has averaged a 0.98 LAN rating after he took the role, and North have won two of the three tournaments that MSL has AWPed in. One of those tournaments was DreamHack Masters Stockholm, where MSL masterminded two best-of-three victories against Astralis. In the current day and age of Counter-Strike, that is monumental considering Astralis’ current iron grip on CS:GO’s competitive landscape. North remains the only team to have won two best-of-three matches against Astralis’ new roster in the same LAN tournament.

North have compounded their mistake by replacing MSL with cadiaN, a player who has deficiencies in both his credentials and historical reliability. In terms of his credentials, cadiaN has been performing well for Rogue. They are barely a top 5 North American team who have participated at ESL Pro League S6 Relegation and the Copenhagen Games 2018 B tournament. Despite a runners-up position at DreamHack Open Austin, where they lost the final to the only credible opposition which was Space Soldiers, Rogue bombed out of the FACEIT Major Main Qualifier. The reason why Rogue have been talked about recently is because of their near-upset against Astralis, which was clearly a one-off as Astralis went on to win the Major in a dominant fashion. Historically, cadiaN fell short in Danish Counter-Strike. Notably, he used to be on Copenhagen Wolves and SK Gaming, but he struggled to keep up and was not good enough. Therefore, he moved to North America to attempt to make it there; which he did under Rogue.

Overall, North made a mistake replacing MSL and replacing him with cadiaN simply puts the cherry on the cake. MSL has hugely stepped up his performances recently, and North has been improving. Replacing him with cadiaN is the wrong move because cadiaN has proven himself not to be good enough to establish North as a top 10 team.


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