Interview with Property AT’s bustaN – “It would be really cool to have an AT vs AT league”

bustaN – “It would be really cool if an organisation like ESEA arranged an academy vs academy league.”

Welcome to the first interview ever conducted at ESN CS:GO. Our first interview is with the 17-year-old Swedish lurker, Casper “bustaN” Bartoldsson, who plays for Property Academy! Enjoy the interview!

Thanks for doing the interview. What do you think about Esports organisations offering places for academy teams? Do you think it’s a good idea to have academies?

No problem, I think it’s very good that some organisations offer places for academy teams. It’s a great way to start a career and it can be very educational, and helpful in the long run. Larger organisations offer more than smaller ones, not only money-wise but also coaches or assistance from the main team, which is a massive perk! From the organisations’ perspective, it can also be a worthwhile investment when you pay a small amount for a team and then reap the rewards later on. I think we will see more and more academy teams in the future!

Do you think academy teams should play other academies, same as in a sport like football, or should they compete against senior teams?

Right now, no. There aren’t enough academy teams right now to make it work. However, I could see it happening in the future, and it would be really cool. If any league like ESEA would arrange this, I think more organisations would be interested in getting an academy team.

For any budding professionals out there, what is the best way to put yourself on the map and make teams consider you?

I think the best way is to find four good teammates with the same level of ambition as you. Then just grind through the ESEA leagues. A great way to find teammates are the new ”hubs” on FACEIT where you play with people from the same country as you. In those hubs, it’s easy to find people with the same skill as yourself and who are talking the same language as you. It’s just a lot about patience and to acquire contacts in the scene who can help you out.

How are you and Property Academy progressing as a team right now? Do you see yourselves moving up the tiers of Counter-Strike quickly?

I would say that we are developing well. We all practice a lot individually and as a team. We recently signed a new coach, who has massively helped both mentally and taking pressure off of our IGL’s shoulders because he’s helping him with demo reviews and preparing us for our matches. Our new coach is incredibly positive and always makes you feel good even if you have a bad day or a bad match. I think the chemistry of the team is very good right now, we are all like best friends which I think helps and is important to have any success. I would say that we are fortunate since we have the chance to practice against both ESEA MDL and Advanced teams which means that we develop much faster. It really feels like that we have found the right formula now, as everyone has their roles and all of us are satisfied. I see the future as bright, what we need to practice most at the moment is our communication. I could see us as a decent ESEA Advanced team within six months.

Do you have anything to say to anyone who is reading?

Thanks to Team Property for supporting us, shoutout to n0rdaN and thank you for this interview, I think that you will be big in the future! GL!

Thank you for reading this interview, we hope you enjoyed, feel free to check out the Discord, Twitter and other articles!


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